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Royal Kludge RK100 mechanical…

You can also control multimedia, change the volume, launch some applications such as my computer, calculator and mail with a key combination. The keyboard has RGB backlighting and removable switches and built-in USB hub when in wired mode. The keyboard has 100 buttons, there are no ScrollLock, Pause, End buttons, but they can be pressed with a key combination with "Fn". • Backlight: RGB, with different types of profiles; There are also game lights to focus on the active game buttons. Also, for some types of backlighting, you can https://tonaton.com/s_25-uniforms change the animation speed with the combination "Fn" "←" or "→", the color with the combination "Fn" "Del", as well as the brightness with "Fn" "↑" or "↓". The second switch is responsible for the wireless connection mode, namely bluetooth or 2.4 GHz radio channel. You can pull them out by holding them with a tool from above and below.
In wireless mode, the keyboard allows you to quickly switch between 3 bluetooth devices by pressing "Fn" "Q", "W" ” https://jiji.ug/388-camera-accessories/memory-card or “E”, where “Q” is responsible for the first device, “W” for the second and “E” for the third.
On the back side of the keyboard there are mode switches, 4 rubber feet, 2 feet for raising the keyboard, and a USB adapter, which is fixed there on a magnet.
In my options, the switches are blue, clicking, you can evaluate their volume in the video. • Built-in USB 2.0 hub; Hello everyone, today I would like to talk a little about the compact, mechanical, wireless keyboard Royal Kludge RK100, with blue clicky switches. The legs are rubberized and the keyboard sits snugly on the table.
The switches themselves look like this. Comes with: type C cable 1.7 meters long, 4 spare switches, tool to remove switches or keys, instruction and USB https://tonaton.ng/s_42-chalet-for-rent adapter for connecting the keyboard in wireless mode.
The switches are responsible for the operating modes of the keyboard. Outwardly, the keyboard is quite compact, due to the movement of some buttons to free places. • Dimensions: 404x159x57 mm; • Hot switching between 3 devices;

In front of the keyboard there is an input for wired connection and charging usb type c, as well as 2 USB inputs (USB hub) for connecting peripherals in wired mode.
The keyboard has switches that can be easily replaced without soldering.
The keyboard itself is wrapped in a package.

Royal Kludge RK100 mechanical keyboard 100 buttons, with RGB and USB hub

Here are some of the highlights. The first switch is responsible for whether the keyboard works in wired or wireless mode.
Front there are indicators: a digital block, large letters, the type of wireless connection (the first is bluetooth, the second is 2.4 GHz), as well as an indicator of charging and discharging.
2 extra feet raise the keyboard by about 5mm.
• Interfaces: bluetooth 5.0, 2.4 GHz and wired USB type C; Depending on the animation, you can change the color and speed. Depending on the device, the bluetooth indicator will change color to red, blue and green.
The keyboard has many backlight modes, they are switched by the key combination "Fn" "PrtScr". The keyboard came in such a box. • Type of switches: RK removable switches (blue-clicky for active typing, brown-tactile for office and gamers, and red-linear for games and office – the quietest);
The keys themselves are located in a semicircle. You can quickly and easily switch between your TV, computer and other devices. • Weight: 1.1 Kg;