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Or do I "want strange"?

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A box of thread costs "zero rubles, zero kopecks" 1) If this is my “responsibility zone” – I will take instruments and tools in my hands, spend a lot time (and, possibly, money), but I will find and solve the problem (if I can’t do it myself, I’ll ask for help). In any other case, there is absolutely no need to get into other people’s affairs (well, except that I really want to argue). But I don’t have a 3D printer (and I’m not going to buy it – everything has been calculated for a long time, yes), but the ending floss – on the contrary, is. What do you think – how will the "I" want to have a similar box for solder? PS (I’m not trying to https://jiji.com.gh/53-rugs/turkey persuade you, everyone can have their own thoughts) The “essence” is that there are only two objective reasons to deal with the problem: In the case under discussion – you do not see a problem, then everything is fine with you It’s not a fact that strength and convenience will be “on the level”, but you can try. Will spend a lot of time and effort on creating (or searching for) a model, then look for a printer (or, sorry, even buy it), pay for plastic … adapt from the article? But it’s interesting – in nature there are still TVs (preferably more or less decent ones) with a diagonal of more than 40 "without "smart"? (ideally – with dlna support and that’s it) Of course you can. If there is a used braid, you can try from this as well (I have it on a regular coil, and it is obviously consumed more slowly than dental floss, so “not my case”). 2) If I am asked for advice, I will strain my thinking organ, ask questions, demand exact answers and maybe help with troubleshooting No, not that.